Monday, June 19, 2006


A few years back, in 1999, Boy George tied up with BT callboxes to invite all-comers to have a go at joining him on backing vocals on a remake of Culture Club's Karma Chameleon.

If the rest of Culture Club were upset at the suggestion they could be replaced by anyone stood in the street bellowing, they may have been waiting for their revenge to cool quite considerably. But now, it's a very cold dish indeed:

The rest of Culture Club are advertising for someone to replace George now they're getting back together:

"We want a unique vocalist with a brilliant voice take part in a 2007 World Tour and TV series.

"We do not want a karaoke Boy George 'lookalike' but a charismatic and unique performer in his or her own right with something truly fresh, contemporary and original to offer."

We've got fond memories of Ronnie Corbett doing Do You Really Want To Squirt Me on The Two Ronnies, so they might want to talk to him; and Warren Mitchell seemed to enjoy "singing a little Boy George" in the Chain, but really, if the band want to make George really squirm, they should just invite Marilyn to take his place.