Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I had sex with James Blunt in the back of my Ford Escort.

No, no, I didn't, someone called Natalie Loddo did, or so the Sun reckons.

This was back six years ago, before Blunt had written any brilliant music or become famous. As opposed to now, when he's famous.

In a scene straight from hit film An Officer And A Gentleman, James swept married Natalie off her feet dressed in his blues — the regiment’s smart evening uniform.

Ah yes, An Officer and A Gentleman, where Gere lifts Winger in his arms, and sweeps her out to the pub car park, giving her a quick one in the back of her car.

His sudden fame brought them back together. Loddo claims that the pair had an equally stylish bunk-up last year, backstage at one of his gigs:

“It was a real quickie. There were people knocking on the door because we had to leave the building.

“The band were banging on the door while we were rushing to finish. I had just my bra on."

If you ask us, if you've got time to remove footwear and shirts, it's not a quickie.

We'd imagine the flogging of the story to The Sun is a sign that Loddo wasn't expecting there to be any more moments on the blunt end of Blunt.