Thursday, June 01, 2006


We could probably stomach the reports from the Andre boudoir if it wasn't the knowledge that they do it after a hard half hour or so making their joint album. Still, Andre still behaves like a man who thinks we need to know:

"Kate asks me: 'If I did this, would it make you sick?'

"I’m like: 'Thank God someone's finally said it! Yes I would love it.'"

Mercifully, he doesn't explain in any more detail - although, to be honest, the thought of his slime rubbing against all that plastic is enough to make anyone sick.

Mind you, we're not sure all is as well as Andre thinks:

"At about 10pm I'll sometimes say: 'Can we go upstairs?' and she'll say: 'Yeah but my back hurts, I’ve got a headache'."

Perhaps that's why Jordan worries she might be making Andre sick as a proverbial parrot - if he was picturing a lifetime on the bouncy castle only to discover it's straight to lights out, he must feel a little green about the gills.