Saturday, June 24, 2006


We were surprised to read in this morning's Sun that SANDI THOM’s incredible conquest of the States continues unabated.

Really? We hadn't heard of any such conquest, so we were surprised, to say the least. So what form has this conquest taken, then? Billboard chart hits? Madison Square Gardens? Dinner with the President?

Not quite:

The Scots singer, penniless and unknown just a few weeks ago, has now inspired US telly giants CBS to launch a chance-of-a-lifetime talent contest, Living Room ... LIVE!

In other words, CBS are doing a talent show where they want people to send videos of themselves performing at home. Which isn't, strictly speaking, something Sandi Thom invented. Unless there's a twist, where the contestants are supposed to get a PR company signed up before they send their tape in, and then spend the weeks following their victory having their PR team issue releases denying they were a PR confection.