Wednesday, June 21, 2006


The Kooks are already rehearsing their speechs for Hall of Fame acceptances:

"I think what we're all doing could surpass Britpop because the musicians that we know seem to be up for anything. It's that whole non-cliqueiness thing. If you ask them to come and have a jam with you, they're gonna do it."

Now, it's not just them, you see - they're suggesting there's a whole scene (albeit a non-cliquey scene) featuring them, Jamie T, Mystery Jets and The 747s.

Yes, it really does make Pulp, Suede, pre-infighting Blur and Elastica seem like... no, it's hard to think they've managed to eclipse the Britpop scene. Although this unclique clique have already outstripped Lionrock, Camden Lurch and the Cognac Cossack groups in the pantheon of pop.

"If you ask them to have a jam, they will" - of course the bloody 747s will, they've not got much else to be doing, have they? We do love the suggestion that there's no 'us' and 'them' here, as if someone from Morecambe could send a text and Jamie T and The Kooks would be setting up in his cellar for a muck-about within the hour.