Friday, June 16, 2006


As the hawk their sub-Busted new single, Please Please, McFly have had to fall back on the old Duran Duran video trick of throwing in a spot of full-frontal nudity.

Unfortunately, it's McFly naked rather than anyone else.

Tom McFly explained this wasn't that unusual:

“I wasn’t at all embarrassed about being naked. We’re used to stripping off in front of each other.

“And we all know who has got the biggest package — me."

To judge from the stills, it might be true in a "in the valley of the blind, the one-eyed man is king" sort of way.


Anonymous said...

isnt this what blink 182 were doing a few years ago??

Anonymous said...

Big deal - I believe the Red Hot Chilli Peppers used to do gigs naked apart from a strategically placed sock...

Anonymous said...

oooh! they're all hardcore now and everything! have you seen those tatts?! hah.

Anonymous said...

They may not make the best music in the world but my god danny and dougie are hot! yum yum =D anyone no where the whole promo thing is?

Anonymous said...

Hiya i think McFly r gr8!!! I especially like Harry he so fit bt they all r and there music is really gud! Went 2 c them in newmarket the otha day and theyr even fitter up close. Harry still the fittest tho!!

Anonymous said...

beth, no offence but ur rong! danny is the sexiest. he has such a delicious body! ive got loads of pictures of them nude, but sadly they r coverin ther bits. hehe! they rock and danny is the sex god. m m m m m m...... danny! yum yum. they r rlly good

Anonymous said...

Where can I find Danny jones sexy pics?? Can you tell me plz

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

I'd suggest starting in a parallel universe where Danny Jones wasn't physically repulsive.

Anonymous said...

just because ur sorry but danny is THE fittist lad eva

Anonymous said...

you guys are just haters!

they're amazing- in looks and talent!!!

Anonymous said...

Arf! We know what you searched for, We know what you searched for.....

Anonymous said...

Look guys, You are very much mistaken. McFly's music is the best in the world. Dougie's Tatu is awsome. And they do occaisionly strip on stage (sometimes they leave their boxers on).

Oh and Dougie is the hottest, sexiest, cutest and most hardcore person like Ever! He's Doug XXX

Anonymous said...

I can hardly believe that this, like, thread is still going like 2 years later.

Dougie has his own Tatu? And I thought there was only one Tatu. Well, two of them, like, in the band. Y'know. I still fail to see in what way he is "hardcore". Hardcore toothy grins? Hardcore spinoff lunchbox merchandising?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe people that don't like Mcfly really bother to comment. I guess they just don't like the fact that other people do regardless of them being attractive or not. I love their music and I'd never seen their faces until a few days ago.

Anonymous said...

duckie I think those hardcore comments were sarcasm -sigh.

Anonymous said...

"We’re used to stripping off in front of each other"

Hmmm... ok... I see... used to... Hahaha!

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