Thursday, June 08, 2006


We quite enjoyed Project Catwalk, Sky's version of the make-me-a-clothes-designer fashion show. One of the best episodes was when the wannabe designers were told they were going to have to design an outfit for a mystery celebrity, and enjoying the look on their faces when the "celebrity" turned out to be not Kate Moss or Angelina Jolie, but, erm, Kelly Osbourne.

We loved even more the contestants trying to sound thrilled at working with Osbourne, and pretending to love her own personal sense of style.

Not quite so cheering, though, is the news that Osbourne has replaced Liz Hurley as main presenter.

Officially, Hurley has been dropped because she was "too wooden", but we suspect it's more because, well, she's Liz Hurley and hardly needs to be bothering with a game show on Sky One.