Wednesday, June 21, 2006


The remaining 3AM girls are trilling with delight about how Robbie Williams' eating habits show that "he'll never be a snob."

It seems that while staying in Paris, he went to McDonalds.

We think that probably sums up his character right there - like people who take their PG Tips to Spain because you can't get a "proper" cup of tea in foreign.

"The funny thing is no one in McDonald's even recognised him. They just thought he was yet another Brit fresh off the Eurostar."

They didn't have a clue who he was? Just fancy that.


Anonymous said...

The tragedy is that the paper in which this appeared probably counts, certainly when compared to its biggest rival, as a vaguely "Americosceptic" organ. The even greater tragedy is that Williams is huge all over Europe (in all senses). Indeed this might be another example of the classic Sun-favoured lie of pretending - in the Sun's case, at least, for blatantly political reasons (and anyone can tell what they are) that what we call pop music, in the post-1955 sense, is unknown in continental Europe. As I actually read the French charts online, I can tell you that Williams' success there is great enough that a pretty decent number of French people would surely recognise him every bit as much as British people.

(The all-time classic example of this sort of thing, incidentally, was when the Sun ran a nasty rant against German "wobblers" in the War on Terror on the same day as reporting the MTV awards in Frankfurt, thus completely undermining the undercurrent of such reporting. Especially because Limp Bizkit were the big winners that year.)

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