Thursday, June 22, 2006


Jim McCabe brings the tale of Thom Yorke and the next generation of Bushes to our attention, pointing out the full consideration Yorke brings to every possiblity:

In a post to the band's blog, "Dead Air Space," Yorke wrote that the concert was interrupted for several fans thanks to six Secret Service agents who Yorke was later told had cleared a path for the first daughter's exit and "manhandled ... some poor soul."

How does a Bush-bashing band handle a first-family disruption? Yorke had suggestions:

"I don't know whether we should be A. honored; B. amused; C. bemused; D. ask if she had a valid ticket; E. object belatedly on moral grounds; F. ask again if she had a ticket and question whether this [is] really what our gigs are about; G. don't blame the daughter for the father; H. shut up and smile."

Luckily, Diebold have tabulated the results and it's an A, apparently.