Thursday, June 22, 2006


Another Pete Doherty story in the tabloids this morning, with the Mirror claiming that he's signed a tell-all book deal. Apparently, he gets £150,000; in return, the publishers will get a work telling about his life.

Now, obviously, no publisher throwing that sort of cash about really gives a honking she-goose about what Pete did at school, and the money is because the Kate Moss episodes will be a lucrative little chapter or two to sell on to the papers. Kate, apparently, is worried. Says a source:

"She's still in close contact with Pete and she understands his reasons for signing the deal.

"He's not rolling in cash. But she's cleaned up her act and the last thing she wants is for people to be reminded of what was a very difficult time in her life."

We're not sure if they mean when she was putting coke in her nose, or putting Doherty somewhere (possibly everywhere) else.

[Plug: we bet that, with his mind slightly ravaged, Doherty has to rip his early years off of The Libertines: Bound Together]