Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Before you even click on a news story proclaiming that "The Minogue sisters are supporting France in the World Cup", you just know that it's going to be a quote from Dannii rather than the more diplomatic, and strangely more popular, Kylie:

Kylie and I have to support the French team because of Ollie," Dannii told Closer magazine.

"Trouble is we’re going to get burnt on the cross by our Aussie relatives for doing it."

She added: "Kylie has been telling me about all the players she likes from being forced to watch the game with Olivier. We now both like Brazilian player Ronaldinho. His footwork is pure magic."

We're a little confused here - if Kylie is "forced" to watch football, then it would seem neither of the sisters care for the game; and how does Dannii know she likes Ronaldhino as it seems she only knows of him from her sister talking about him?

Dannii's support for France shouldn't really come as a shock. It's only a couple of years back she was praising Jean Marie LePen for "striking a chord" with the French people.


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