Wednesday, June 21, 2006


We know for a fact that Britney's idea of hiring a male nanny for little Sean was inspired by her love for Farm-era Emmerdale and the success of former village communist Archie Brooks when he went into child-care.

Now, Fedon Studioline is hoping for a plane to drop on "manny" Perry Taylor's head.

(Incidently, is it just us or is "manny" perhaps the most ugly construction of the tabloid press to date? Unless it's actually cleverer than we give them credit for, as the Spears' male help is called Taylor, and Lord Manny Shinwell's first role in the trades union movement was in the cloth-making industry.)

Anyway, a "source" says that Kevin insisted it's Mr. Mom or me. Although having heard how poor his rapping skills are, he probably said "it's mumster... minster... mons... sack the bloke.":

“Kevin didn’t like seeing Perry holding his son while out with Britney. He instructed her to drop the ‘manny’ before their reunion last week where they decided to get their marriage back on track.

Kevin was uncomfortable with Taylor being so close to Britney and his son. He felt she was trying to taunt him.”

Why does Kevin feel that people are trying to taunt him and his stupid everything all the time?