Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Trilling away to OK, Britney Spears has been revealing how great she feels being a young mother. It's all about the energy, apparently:

"I think by being a young mum I’ll have more energy on being able to bring up more positive kids."

Yes. And clearing up the psychic mess made by mummy posting nasty poems about daddy, and then deciding to give him one more chance - well, that's going to take quite a few windmills' worth of energy.

"I always wanted to be a young mum. My mum was a young mum and I’ve looked up to her. I just feel that it’s so important to instil so many good beliefs in your children."

We're not entirely sure that Britney bothered to explain what the "many good beliefs" she is busy instilling in Sean actually are - something to do with driving about with babies on your lap, and how it's okay to get married to anybody providing you're drunk enough to be able to persuade someone to annull it the next day.