Wednesday, June 28, 2006


We're betting that Sandi Thom's people are already pulling together some press release to counter The Automatic's snorting dismissal of her:

"We hate Sandi Thom. I haven't found anyone who's told me they like that song and bought it."

That was Rob. James had even thought things through:

"If she was a punk rocker with flowers in her hair she'd get the shit kicked out of her by other punk rockers, for having flowers in her hair."

Which is sadly true, and equally dispatches both Thom and most punks, who seemed to have totally missed the original "find your own style" point of punk and bought straight into the uniform. We find the idea of people wearing Siouxsie-endorsed Nazi regalia attacking someone for offensive flower-wearing to be a pretty simple guide to where punk went wrong.

[Earlier: Has Thom spammed her way to success?]


Anonymous said...

I know who bought it - its the people sitting opposite me. They're jsut waving a copy about now and playing it on their computers. I'm being very restrained. I haven't thrown their laptops through the window. Yet.

acb said...

Given the historical context of punk as an angry reaction to the broken promise of late 1960s/early 1970s idealism, I think one can understand its hostility to hippie symbolism.

Anonymous said...

Yup, the middle aged women I share an office with love it too. And insist on singing along when it comes on the radio. Again.

You can imagine my delight at that, I'm sure.

Does anyone reading this know the Mutton Birds old song 'Wellington' though? I'm not saying that it sounds exactly alike, but well, those songs could be brothers at least. Twins, perhaps. Only one of them is well written and obscure. And the other...isn't.

Anonymous said...

You can make that middle-aged men for my office. Luckily they've not started singing along yet.

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