Wednesday, July 26, 2006


One of those announcements that are surprising only in that they expect us to be surprised:

Lance Bass has come out. As, you know, gay.

Apparently, he hid his true self because he was thinking of Justin Timberlake (and how many men can honestly say they've not taken themselves in hand thinking of young Justin?):

"I knew that I was in this popular band and I had four other guys' careers in my hand, and I knew that if I ever acted on it or even said (that I was gay), it would overpower everything.

"I didn’t know: Could that be the end of ’N Sync? So I had that weight on me of like, ‘Wow, if I ever let anyone know, it's bad.' So I just never did."

Mr. Bass really believes this - that had he said "I like boys", nobody would ever have been able to think about anything else N'Sync ever did again.

The fact he thought that being out would harm his band doesn't mean, you know, that he thinks it's dirty or wrong. And you can't read anything into the longeur between the end of N'Sync and this outing, either:

"The thing is, I’m not ashamed – that’s the one thing I want to say," he explains of his decision to come out. "I don't think it's wrong, I'm not devastated going through this. I'm more liberated and happy than I’ve been my whole life. I'm just happy."

As for why he's talking about this now Bass says, "The main reason I wanted to speak my mind was that (the rumors) really were starting to affect my daily life. Now it feels like it's on my terms."

Got that? It's "on his own terms", although, apparently, he's only coming out because of rumours, which is a bit like a person being run out of town on a stick saying that it's something they were planning to do anyway.

"I'm at peace with my family, my friends, myself and God so there's really nothing else that I worry about."

God was unavailable for comment at time of going to press, we understand. But when people are described as being "at peace", doesn't that usually mean they've died?