Wednesday, July 26, 2006


A survey of the favourite albums of British MPs have proven them to be as slavishly mainstream as their policies, with Led Zep II coming out on top.

Mark Oaten, who is stepping down as an MP following a bad year of private life "miscalculations", picked Dare as his favourite: This album reminds me of my last year at school and brings up a lot of happy memories. Every track is a killer, not a filler."

Yes, he really did say that.

George Galloway saluted the indefatigability of Dylan's Blood on the Tracks, while foreign secretary Margaret Beckett simply said they should ask America and Israel what they thought, as that's how it works round here.

Lembit Opik went with Led Zeppelin:

"Zeppelin made a new kind of music. They created a genre many have copied but no-one has equalled. And Whole Lotta Love is the greatest rock song ever."

Pretty much like the Social Democrats broke the mould of British politics, then.

The album quiz may have had something to do with the British Library introducing listening posts, or could just have been a task the speaker gave the MPS before they break up for summer to keep them busy. The trade and industry select committee were outside playing rounders all morning.


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