Sunday, July 02, 2006


Dallas Austin, Jacko and Madonna producer, has pleaded guilty to charges of bringing cocaine into the United Arab Emirates. He was caught en route to Naomi Campbell's party.

Facing four years in jail, Austin says it's been a bit of a mix-up:

"I'm pleading guilty but by mistake," Austin was quoted as saying during a short hearing. "I had no knowledge and no intention of violating the laws of the U.A.E."

Ah, the old "guilty by mistake" plea - Ronnie Biggs used that one, didn't he? We're a little scared of Joshua Rosenburg, but we're considering putting in a call to see if he can explain what sort of "mistake" the courts might be prepared to consider in a bid for clemency. Or, indeed, what sort of mistake Austin might have made.

Did he perhaps think he was flying to a country where it was OK to have cocaine stashed in your luggage? In which case, what did he think he was going? Or did he know that you can't take cocaine into Dubai, but - rushing to get packed - threw a bag of coke into his suitcase instead of picking up the shampoo?