Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Having reached the point where there's only really him left to let down, Pete Doherty is going to go solo:

"There'll be a solo acoustic album released this year. It differs from Babyshambles because it will be just me."

'Just what Pete wants to do' doesn't sound too different from Babyshambles, when you think about it.

Oh, and he cheerfully admits he's doing the odd spot of skag:

"I went to (Portugal) to detox and got clean ready for the implant. Things just kept going wrong with the implant, it was like, some public holiday, then customs cut it open. [A]fter Sweden, it was so bad I had to have a nasty, dirty old hit as soon as we got back to London. It fucked me up for three days."

We didn't know that implants got bank holidays off. Or, come to that, that the patients have to hump their medical requisites with them from country to country.