Friday, July 28, 2006


Victoria Newton is careful to describe the list of tracks she says will appear on the Oasis boast-of, Stop The Clocks, as "the full list of tracks Noel wants to make up the collection", rather than a definitive final list.

Anyway, here's what she reckons the listing will be:

1 Some Might Say
2 Don't Look Back In Anger
3 D'You Know What I Mean?
4 All Around The World
5 Go Let It Out
6 The Hindu Times
7 Lyla
8 The Importance Of Being Idle
9 Masterplan
10 Half The World Away
11 Acquiesce
12 Champagne Supernova
13 Rock 'n' Roll Star
14 Supersonic
15 Wonderwall
16 Whatever
17 Boy With The Blues
18 Stop The Clocks

What's extraordinary about this, though, is not that it includes some clunkers - if they don't want to just repackage the first album, the need to feature post-success stuff means there's always going to be some stinking old carcasses like The Hindu Times or - god have mercy on our souls - Lyla. But no Live Forever? Possibly the only claim Oasis really have to having produced something that could justify their existence?


Anonymous said...

" Live Forever? Possibly the only claim Oasis really have to having produced something that could justify their existence?" And Slide Away.

Chris Brown said...

That's a very odd-looking list: it's all the Number One singles in chronological order, then B-sides, then album tracks, then three singles, and then the two new ones. I notice one is 'Boy With Blue Eyes', the song that was supposed to be coming out as a single until they realised it was crap.

Ian Snappish said...

Even more intriguing, it includes Whatever, which means that Neil Innes will be getting some cash for it...

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