Friday, July 28, 2006


It won't come as a surprise that Bobby Gillespie likes his drugs.

Although it seems to come as a surprise to the 3AM Girls:

GRANGE Hill's Just Say No campaign obviously didn't wash with Bobby Gillespie, who claims he's at his "best" when off his nut on cocaine.

The Primal Scream singer - who ties the knot with fashion stylist Katy England tomorrow - clearly can't remember Zammo and Roland's tough anti-drugs stance.

Yes, girls, the world is divided into those who take drugs and those who bought Just Say No. It's like pointing at someone smoking a fag and saying "don't you remember that Nick O'Teen is a weed?"

Or perhaps it's because Gillespie would have been twenty-two years old when the It's Not Just Zammo storyline shocked a nation with the surprise that "heroin dragon" wasn't a made-up thing, but very real. In other words, some seven or eight years past the target audience for the Grange Hill campaign.

What does come as a surprise is his love of table tennis:

"I used to do loads of cocaine. Me and my mates used to get sniffed up and play table tennis at my house. That's the way to do it.

"Put lines on the table and then you can do those Japanese top spins and back spins right...

Cocaine and table tennis - it's a great recreational activity. That's when I'm at my best. You know what I mean?"

Which is kind of apt - table tennis is played with undersized balls which bounce a lot but are completely empty.


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