Saturday, July 29, 2006


Having been more-or-less stopped from running the Heather Mills porn pictures, The Sun has had to keep quiet about her for a while. Now, though, the divorce papers are out, and so they're returning to the fray.

Apparently, Paul Macca is filing on the grounds of Heather's unreasonable behaviour, which includes being rude to the staff and "being argumentative", which perhaps gives more of an indication of how much McCartney has become accustomed to people not contradicting him. Original plans to file on the basis that Heather turned out to not be Linda fell by the wayside.

Mills - at least as far as the Sun claims - is planning to fight back (so he was right about the argumentative bit, then). Paul's hired the same lawyer who represented Charles Windsor when he divorced Diana Spencer - because that went so well and smoothly, didn't it?

Heather, meanwhile, is attempting to recast "argumentative" as "feisty":

A spokeswoman for her said yesterday: “Heather’s going to be filing her own counter claims about matters both in this country and America. Any views she has on her divorce will be handled discretely.

“She does not feel the need to repudiate claims that she may be headstrong or feisty. She is hugely disappointed that matters of such a confidential nature should be aired in public and feels it is inappropriate to speak about such matters with a child involved.”

We love the idea that she's got a spokesperson having a pop at Paul while simultaneously insisting that the divorce will be handled "discretely" - presumably this was a press statement released in invisible ink and without a subject line on the email.

The Mirror, meanwhile, takes the opportunity to update readers on how Mills' battle with the Murdoch papers over the hooker claims are going: apparently, she's tracked down Adnan Khashoggi who says he doesn't have a clue who she is, despite having supposedly paid her for sex at some point in the past. Which might help her case, although surely asking someone to recognise a hooker from twenty years ago is like having a line-up and saying "can you spot the woman who served you at the Dunstable Harvester three months ago?"