Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Nobody's seeming to see very much of her, as apparently she's abandoned her Thomesque disdain for Heat-style celeb image-obsession and adopted some sort of wacky over-enthusiastic workout regime.

A friend, all worried, tells the Daily Mail:

"Naturally she found the attention quite difficult to handle especially as not all of it was flattering.

"While she doesn't mind people criticising her music, she was devastated when snide remarks about her appearance were made.

"She has experimented with new piercings, hairstyles and even make-up but the single biggest thing that makes Amy feel better about herself is going to the gym.

"For the past 18 months she has been going to her local women's-only gym, for a two hour session, every single day. She is neurotic about it, completely obsessed.

"Amy will do a full cardio, fat-burning workout followed by lots of repetitions, on a relatively light load, on the weights machines. As her body has become transformed, the more weight she's lost, and the more obsessed she has become."

We're not really sure we can remember anyone making snide remarks about her appearance but we're at least delighted to hear she's too busy doing star-jumps to worry about people like us calling her Whiney Almshouse and similar things. It is odd, though, that she used to insist on following the Tori Amos playbook and now doesn't really care much about the music at all.

If you can believe a friend filtered through the Mail.


Anonymous said...

What an odd story! Leaving aside the obvious benefit to humanity of the fact that while she's down the gym she's not in a recording studio, I just love the detail that the 'friend' goes into:

"Amy will do a full cardio, fat-burning workout followed by lots of repetitions, on a relatively light load, on the weights machines."

But did she follow this with a thorough warm down, and a banana to help restore blood sugar levels? I MUST KNO!!!11!!!

Anonymous said...

She can also be seen on Camden High Street every single day, without any exaggeration, I don't think she has a home.

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