Monday, July 24, 2006


Tom Meighan is feeling his heart-wrench as Kasabian guitarist and keyboard player Chris Karloff walks, citing "musical difficulties." That doesn't always mean "the bassist slept with the drummer's girlfriend", you know.

Tom sniffles into his sleeve:

"I am gutted. It's sad after you've been with someone all those years and he's a great person and friend and it's just one of those things. We wish him the best, he's a wonderful musician."

... which will stand him in good stead down the Underground.

We find the idea of musical differences in the Kasabian camp pretty puzzling, to be frank - it's not like they're the sort of band who strike you as being overblessed with options for their future musical direction, so we can only conclude Karloff maybe pointed out how much all the songs sound like each other.