Saturday, July 29, 2006


One of the few things Kasabian had going for them was the rumoured hatred of the Kaiser Chiefs. You know, the Chiefs are alright and that, but if a species doesn't have a few natural predators they tend to run out of control - it's what happened with U2, for example. If Bono had had to spend more time fighting in the music press with Mark Knopfler or whatever, he would have had less time to invest in property and U2 might have still been making decent records today.

But it turns out that Kasabian don't hate the Kaisers at all:

"That's absolute rubbish. I know Ricky Wilson well and it really hurts. We get on. When people quote me saying I'm going to smash his face in, that's wrong because I didn't say that."

And he said: "Ricky is a nice guy and we bump into the Kaiser Chiefs on tour all the time, just like we bump into a whole bunch of bands on the road. It's horrible when stories are blown out of proportion."

"Ricky will know those quotes are rubbish. People just want to create a feud that doesn't exist."

Well, yes. Otherwise you really are left with Kasabian being nothing more than a bunch of blokish blokes and, erm, that'd be it.

Go on... surely you must hate them a little? Dislike them? What about Wilson's shirts, though? They must rile you somewhat...