Thursday, July 06, 2006


While Sandi Thom sits over there denying that she owes it all to her PR machine, now Lily Allen is piping up that she didn't trade off her Dad's name to force her way to the front of the Heat-tastic singer peloton:

"This connections things is such bullshit. As if my dad just rings someone up in Parlaphone and says: ‘Lily hasn’t got a job right now, can you give her a record deal?’"

She added: "'Yeah, sure Keith, 'cos you've got such a good reputation and you're so hardworking.'"

On the other hand, if you've got a record label with a table full of near-identical photos linked to largely indistinguished demos, you can picture them saying "well, this one's got a famous Dad, which would give a hand to the media campaigns..."

It's a little like David Dimbleby trying to pretend that his Dad had no influence at all on getting an interview for a position at the BBC. Even if there's no direct input, the connection is undeniable.

And Lily said she is even more famous than her pop.

She revealed: "I Googled my dad the other day and he came up as being Lily Allen’s father."

Really, Lily? There must have been a hell of a Google-dance since then, as we've just Googled "keith allen", and the first mention of you comes in somewhere around result 350, and that's not in connection with your dad (hey - at least we've proved he isn't trading off your fame...)