Friday, July 14, 2006


I know it's all for charity but whenever the cancer people do their "world's biggest coffee morning" I always feel a little untidied because although lots of people do meet for a coffee and a nutty flapjack at roughly the same time, it seems a bit odd calling that like it's a single coffee morning it's not all in the same place and - crucially - it's not really a single shared experience.

The same slightly curmudgeonly muttering rises in my throat on hearing of Oxjam, and especially the description of the "world's biggest music festival." It's not, really, it's just a lot of stuff happening across the nation throughout October. That minor quibble aside, it's quite an impressive and inventive event. They want you to get involved, too, you, with your band or your clubnight or your busking. Every penny raised (that doesn't go on administration) will be spent doing good things.