Sunday, July 23, 2006


Liam Gallagher. Noel Gallagher. Paul Gallagher.

Now, there's another one.

And she's a girl.

It turns out Emma Davies is a half-sister to the brothers, although it's somewhat cruel of the News of the World to describe her as bear[ing] a striking resemblance to Liam. She's kept her distance - apparently through fear of rejection.

Well, some villages can be very nasty if it suspects someone has Gallagher blood in them - there was a nasty incident in Angmering only a couple of months ago when someone was tied to a ducking stool because of too-bushy eyebrows.

Oh - she means rejection by the brothers, not society:

"It has been so hard for me, following their lives from afar.

"I wanted Noel and Liam to know I existed. But I was never brave enough to speak out. They were just too famous. I was worried they'd think I was some gold-digger, which couldn't be further from the truth. I was also terrified they'd reject me. And so I'd sit watching them on Top Of The Pops, tears rolling down my cheeks."

Yes, we sat sobbing whenever they appeared on Top of the Pops. Especially with All Around The World.

Tommy was a tosser who wasn't exactly forthcoming with the maintainence payments. Emma's mum, June, didn't tell her daughter anything about her Dad.

Growing up, Emma knew nothing more about her father apart from his name. But when Noel and Liam stormed to fame, June knew she would have to be told the truth.

Eh? Why? Did June think the government regularly runs programmes matching popstar's DNA with the general population?

Emma says that she's looking for nothing more from Noel and Liam than acknowledgement they're family; had it been us, we might have at least approached them rather than the News of the World to get the Christmas invite.