Monday, July 24, 2006


She's not Madonna - Tania StreckerRobbie Williams is keen to ensure his privacy is only breached when he sees fit - indeed, he's managed to annoy press photographers by banning them from his German gigs, so keen is he to keep control of his public appearances. Oddly, the same Robbie Williams has now recorded a song which is, in effect, a tabloid-style invasion of someone else's privacy.

It seems he once dated the same person (Tania Strecker) as Guy Ritchie, and Ms Stricker told him that when Ritchie dumped Strecker for Madge, he used the explanation that Tania was very nice, "but she's Madonna." This exchange has now formed the basis for a track on Williams' forthcoming album, which does raise the interesting question of if Robbie feels its okay for him to make public private conversations between the vaguely famous, can he ever complain if the press rake through his private life in the future?