Friday, July 28, 2006


If you're anything like us, you really should accept that you can love PVC, or you can love cheese, but you can't love both. You'll also enjoy these superior aural products:

The latest Popjustice podcast features a half-hour chat with the Pet Shop Boys, ranging over the demise of Top of the Pops, Turkey's accession to the EU and Neil Tennant misunderstanding Sandi Thom's songs: "I thought it was a dialectic."

The Art of Pop - Jarvis Cocker explores the links between art schools and British music for Radio 4. St Martin's College, of course.

Front Row - Mark Lawson talks to Cerys Matthews. Only one of these people has appeared in a skintight catsuit on the front of FHM. So far.

Mixing It - Joan As Policewoman's particulars taken down by Radio 3.

All these links will decay, of course, so be quick (we think you've only got 12 hours to get the Mixing It before the next one goes out).