Sunday, July 09, 2006


Oh, what fun we had over the last seven days on No Rock & Roll Fun.

These were the ten news stories most read:

1. Chris Martin picks on fat people
2. Jessica and Nick: can you believe its over?
3. France passes law to force music sharing
4. McFly have a go at full frontal nudity
5. Dallas Austin: Yes, it was my coke, but there's a funny story about it...
6. Here's a poser: is KT Tunstall a lesbian, do you think?
7. Heather Mills pornstar past
8. Pink sticks up for Britney Spears
9. More of Heather Mills' naked nudity
10. Noel Gallagher's secret gay past

You could, of course, see the entire week on a single page
or try the previous week in a single post.

And we suggested any or all of the following could be as reliable a form of entertainment as yelling "you think by now they'd practice the penalties, wouldn't you?" at the TV:

Girl-humanoid electrofunk cybermen-dalek music

Rising from the ashes of Girlfriendo

Muse take the next step towards rock opera

Atari Teenage Riot/ Atari Teenage Riot/ Atari Teenage Riot/ Atari Teenage Riot/ Atari Teenage Riot

All of Charlotte Coleman and Dylan Moran's photographer in the country sitcom How Do You Want Me?

Memorialising Ivor Cutler DVD collection

Sex and - ho-ho - violins, My Life Story's life story

Near-legendary bsn favourites the Old 97s gather their best

The Wizard of Dictionary Corner reworks his rock-operatics in a classical style

Not new, but essential: This Mortal Coil, It'll End In Tears