Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Ah, bless - we love the idea that, when Paris Hilton demanded a third of a million quid to appear on Charlotte Church's new programme on the television show type thing, Charlotte herself threw up her hands and said "No":

"We asked Paris to be onthe programme, because I could take the mick out of her and not feel at all bad about it - she's such a complete airhead

"But she demanded a ridiculous amount of money just to say a few stupid things. She's hardly going to announce anything world changing, is she? It's absolutely pathetic, isn't it?"

So, it wasn't just there wasn't that sort of money sloshing about in the budget for a late-night Channel 4 programme, then? It was a moral decision.

We don't quite follow why, if Hilton is such an airhead who isn't going to "announce anything world changing", they were asking her to appear in the first place. Still, we look forward to the world changing line-up they have got instead. Julie Walters, we understand.


Anonymous said...

Do you think they actually said to Paris "Please come on the program so we can take the piss out of you?" No wonder she wanted ridiculous sums of cash!

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

There's also the suggestion that it's okay to be cruel to people who are too stupid to realise they're being sent up, which seems to be doubly nasty. At least when that bloke who cheated on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, say, pops up to be treated like a buffton-tufton, he knows what's going on.

Charlotte Church almost makes me feel sorry for Paris Hilton.

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