Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Last year, MTV enticed Gwen Stefani to its glittering awards show by hinting that she might get something nice if she turned up. Then it didn't give her anything.

She won't be fooled twice, and this year will stay away, like a haughty horse:

"She had a ton of nominations and was under the impression she would be taking home at least one award," our insider said. "But every award, except that lame best-dressed award, went to Kelly Clarkson, and every time Kelly won, the camera went straight to Gwen. She felt set up." Stefani also thought she was going to close the show - another honor that went to Clarkson. Stefani's rep declined comment."

Surely, since Gwen is meant to be a designer and everything with her (muttondressedas) LAMB label, getting the "best dressed" award would be handy for business rather than lame, but no matter. What sort of attitude is "I won't come to your prize-giving unless I get a prize?"

(Besides, yes, the one that everyone takes the first time they get a single in the top 75.)