Thursday, August 31, 2006


Remember, the major labels only sue their customers because they're thinking of their artists. Everything they do, they do to make sure the musicians get paid.

Although, having said that, an awful lot of artists seem to have to sue the majors to get their fair share. Like The Beatles, who are pursuing a claim against EMI and Capitol:

The lawsuit, filed in December, claims EMI and its affiliate Capitol wrongly classified copies of Beatles recordings as destroyed or damaged "scrap" but then secretly sold them.

It also alleges the number of units sold was under-reported, and the firms classified some recordings as "promotional" and as a result non-royalty bearing, but then sold the material.

The labels, interestingly, respond in a less than definitive manner:

EMI and Capitol had argued in the current case that there was not enough detail of the circumstances of the allegations.

That doesn't sound like a "we never did", does it?

Jim McCabe suggests the remaining Beatles could use any cash to fund a proper a Beatles festival next year in Liverpool - although surely even McCartney would blush at funding his own tribute?