Wednesday, August 30, 2006


John Peel once dressed as Jesus for the year-end double NME and now, oddly, he's turning into Jesus. In that there's an annual day where people who don't really believe in him gather to celebrate his life and message, feast a little, and then go back to their old ways, ways that would make him shudder.

Although the new Radio One schedules have drifted even further from any place in which the Peel show would fit comfortably, with more boundaries being raised between genres of music than ever before, they're throwing a second John Peel Day on October 12th, which pretty much is all there is now to the pledge to "keep it Peel."

Still, let's not be too churlish, as a day of new music and old Peel sessions is better than nothing, even if there is a lingering feeling he'd have been on at about three in the mornings by now.

[John Peel Day 2005]