Friday, August 25, 2006


It's the least glittering night of the year, as celebrities don't wash their hair and turn up for the Kerrang awards, this year part-voted for (and part underwritten) by Rupert Murdoch's MySpace.

The shortlist wasn't very inspiring, so the winners weren't ever going to get the pulses racing too much.

KerrangAlthough the prize for Legend, which went to Angus Young, revealed a little bit of history: Young was the first ever cover star. Look! Kerrang was merely "the Sounds Heavy Metal special". We wish they'd kept that as the title rather than Kerrang; we love the idea of flicking through the EPG and seeing Sounds Heavy Metal Special TV.

We said least glittery night of the year, but Placebo did get an award - for "classic songwriting" - and if anyone was going to turn up in glitter, it'd have been them. The Prodigy picked up a Spirit of Indepedence Award, which means even less as a prize name than giving them an award on the basis of the last couple of years does.

The winners in full, then:

Best Band On The Planet - My Chemical Romance
Best British Band - Lostprophets
Best Live Band - Muse
Best Album - Lostprophets (Liberation Transmission)
Best Single - Bullet For My Valentine (Tears Don't Fall)
Best Video - Fall Out Boy (Sugar, We're Going Down)
Best British Newcomer - Bring Me The Horizon
Best International Newcomer - Aiden
Classic Songwriter - Placebo
Spirit Of Independence - Prodigy
Kerrang! Hall Of Fame - Slayer
Kerrang! Legend - Angus Young (AC/DC)

My Chemical Romance, you'll note, are the best band on the planet.

Bring Me The HorizonWho are Bring Me The Horizon, the best newcomers? We suspect the band with the best talent for organising a small cohort of fans into a well-drilled online voting machine. But then, it looks like they've got friends who could help them with that...