Friday, August 04, 2006


We learned a long time ago that you criticise Mansun at your own risk - say things like "they weren't quite talented enough to pull off their attempted persona" or "perpetually doomed by their desire to muck about to never rise much beyond the lower divisions, although their minds clearly fixed them as premiership contenders" and youd get a hail of outraged emails. Emails from people who were clearly wrong, but were outraged nevertheless. We don't know what, a decade on, those doughty defenders of Mansun are up to these days, but we imagine many of them would be writing letters to their local freesheet complaining about speed cameras.

Anyway, they might put down their pens for a short period, as Mansun are on the point of releasing the oft-promised best of. It's going to be called Legacy, which is so Mansun. Doggybag might be more apt.