Saturday, August 05, 2006


She might think that the whole world bends to her will - installing new toilets, buying up all the crystals they can find, putting real ingredients in her crisps. But when it's a battle of wills between Madonna and a health & safety officer, she has to admit she's met her match.

Madonna wanted all the air conditioning switched off in Wembley, because it hurts her vocal chords apparently (presumably, then, she just sits in a big sweaty mess in her hotel).

The local council told her she had to have it on.

The council won:

A Brent Council spokeswoman said that they had a responsibility for "public safety standards" and carried out inspections both before and during the concert.

"Our public safety manager found the venue to be too hot during the performance and asked the arena manager to put on the air conditioning which is used in the building, which he did," a spokeswoman said.

Perhaps if Madonna dressed properly, she wouldn't be so cold. Somebody knit her a sweater.