Thursday, August 17, 2006


Jarvis CockerSome gorgeous stuff worth poking your earbuds in the general direction of:

Jarvis Cocker has started a series of readings on his MySpace page - the "Jarvcasts", an eight-part collection of short story readings.

Channel 4's experimental radio offerings are starting to develop into something interesting. Although they stripped the music out of the Big Brother FM podcasts (they left the jingles in, as they were hardly musical), they've sorted the rights which allows them to bring full sets from the T-Mobile street gigs. Magic Numbers and Hot Chip are kicking off the series.

You'll be able to make good use of the fast-forward button during The Sun Bizarre's podcast to decline the offer to "discover James Morrison" and get straight to the music from Cerys Matthews and the Divine Comedy.

The latest foray into podcasting by Troubled Diva includes everything you need to know about Madonna live at Wembley.

There's still time to catch Radio 4's history of Ibiza, recalling a time before the island turned into a giant vomatorium and provided a genuinely radical experience. [This link will decay after a week]

And, finally for this bunch, Michael Franti's report from Tuesday's Today programme reporting from his trip to Iraq.