Thursday, August 17, 2006


We're not sure we believe a single word of it, but for what it's worth, Justin Timberlake is supposed to have barred Lindsay Lohan from his gigs because having her there, crashing around and telling lewd stories about what she got up to with Herbie's gearstick would be bad for "his image":

A source said: “Justin’s gig will be packed with Hollywood A-listers and a lot of important names in music.

“The last thing his label want is Lindsay getting hammered and making a spectacle of herself, taking attention away from Justin and his new album.

“He has a lot riding on his big comeback and he doesn’t need any distractions.

“His people reckon any association with socialite liggers like Lindsay are bad for his image and career.”

We think the key words are "taking attention" - in other words, he's afraid he'll play the audience stuff from his new album SexyBackSexyMeIamMrSex, but people will come out whistling Lindsay's stroppage.