Friday, September 29, 2006

In it for the money

Last week, Lily Allen was moaning that she wasn't going to foot the bill for a family-friendly version of the album. Now, Mark Anderson writes to us with something from today's Metro:

"Lily Allen recently appeared at G.A.Y. dressed as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, but she is not pleased to see bootleg T-shirts with that image of her on them. 'I'm not getting a cut now am I?' she said."

Good Lord - we're surprised she's allowing a date with herself to be auctioned for charity. Though we bet the lucky winner finds he's not only springing for the date, but will have to settle the bills at the restaurant and have to pay for Lily's taxi fare home at the end of the evening.

We know many popstars are motivated more by the bottomline than art and love and passion, but at least most of them manage to stop sounding like a bloody farmer moaning on about the EU's set-aside rates and how it's killing them while they're driving round in a shiny new 4x4.

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