Monday, September 04, 2006

Luke Kooks cop shop shock

One of the things we really dislike about modern life - we have a long list, if you're interested - is the way that the notices which, when I was a teenager, basically said "Under 18? No booze for you, sod off" have morphed into cringey, would-be amusing messages like "ooh, if you're lucky enough to look under 21, please don't be offended if we ask to see some evidence of your age and perhaps a few questioons about your beauty rituals."

Luke Pritchard, out of stage schoolers The Kooks, has one of those young faces, and so when cops saw him carrying bottles of beer through the streets, they carded him, and carted him off to the police station to verify that he was old enough to shave. And drink.

Wonderfully, they had to ring up his parents to have them confirm he was older than his baby-face suggested.

The word, of course, is "bless".