Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mills told: Shop somewhere else today

Heather Mills must be getting sick of her youthful indiscretions coming back to haunt her; if it's not the periodic rediscovery of pictures of her giving a blow-job to a bloke for a book, it's the shoplifting she's fessed up to more than once.

An over-efficient staff member at a Sainsburys SavaCentre (yes, apparently they've not got round to rebranding them all yet) in Tyne and Wear saw Heather trying to pop in for a bag of rocket and a packet of Murray Mints, and seemed convinced that she was under some sort of ban for having nicked when she was a ten year-old:

One shopper said: “A woman worker went up to Heather and stopped her going in. She said, ‘Excuse me, Heather, you know you’re not allowed in there, you know the situation’.

“Heather replied, ‘For Christ’s sake, that was years ago. Do you honestly think I’m going to shoplift now? I’ve moved on from there’.

“But the woman wouldn’t budge. Heather walked away, head down. You could tell she was horrified.”

We're not sure we quite buy this verbatim report - "I've moved on from there" sounds like the sort of thing Ronnie Kray might say in this situation rather than a likely Heather Mills reaction.

Sainsburys stress there isn't a ban on multi-milionaire former shoplifters entering its stores; indeed, Savacentres were such a bombing idea they can ill-afford to send anyone away from them.

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