Saturday, September 02, 2006


That's all we bloody need. Madonna is already hard at work writing a new album, blaming the public for the outrage:

"I basically see no limits to what you can achieve. Why would I not want to make more music? I love it and so do my fans."

"I have more club music in mind. It's where I started and funnily enough, it's now huge again. I'm writing the new album now, while we're on tour."

Actually, didn't you start out in softcore porn?

Analysts suspect that one more Madonna album will finally tilt the balance against her, as it will mean that the 'dreadful' side of her collected work will outweigh the 'classic' side, turning her from "a genius who lost her way" into "a hack whose early work is a tribute to her collaborators". When asked if there wasn't a chance that maybe the new album might be a triumphant return to form, the analyst walked away chuckling to himself.