Monday, September 04, 2006

Robbie Williams is not letting go

We feel sorry for Robbie Williams' core audience of Home Counties matrons, who'll buy his new album hoping to get something nice, like that Angels or the ones where he pretended he was Frank Sinatra's tailor, and instead get a jolly song littered with sub-Sopranos threats:

Either you’re a thief or you’re shit
which one will you admit to?
Such an evil man
I used to fantasise about taking a Stanley knife
and playing round with your eyes.
“I’m 16 and chubby,’ he tells me,
‘Lose 20 pounds, you’re not Rob, you’re Robbie,
and if I see you with a girl,
then you’ll be sorry.’

Robbie Williams being ordered to keep away from girls. Just fancy, eh?

The target of this ire is Nigel Martin-Smith, Take That's manager; Williams apparently believes that he diddled him while he was in the band and favoured Gary Barlow over him, just because Barlow wrote all the songs and sang all the songs.

Somehow, we can't see this replacing Angels as first dance material.