Monday, September 25, 2006

Robbie Williams is not popular with the NUJ

This is a tough one: if you had to decide which side to support in a spat between Robbie Williams and the 3AM Girls, who would you go with?

In this case, it's 3AM who are in the right - or at least, the Daily Mirror is. In a music industry which pays lip service to the idea that creative artists are rewarded for their work, Williams attempted to do the opposite. Photographers at his Milton Keynes show were told they'd only be allowed to shoot on the understanding that they gave copyright in all images to Williams and his management company; and that they would image approval.

The Mirror told them to get stuffed and ran a blank space instead.

Interesting side note: under his 2002 record deal, EMI has an interest in revenues from Williams' live activities, and thus would benefit from removing the rights of photographers to make a living by selling their own work. It's not quite the sort of copyright theft EMI rail against when they're acting as part of the RIAA-BPI, but it's similar.


Anonymous said...

It didn't last long did it?
Today the Daily Mirror alias the 3Am girls have a photo of Robbie!

Anonymous said...

I recall being told to sign a similar contract when taking photos at the Leeds Festival in 2001. Only for Marilyn Manson's performance. Obiously I didn't bother..

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