Saturday, September 02, 2006


Sick? Nope, just schtick. Robbie Williams shared some intimate medical details with the audience at Hampden Park:

I woke up this morning in my bedroom alone and I got out of bed and into the bathroom and thought, 'Fucking hell. I feel like shit'.

"I called the doctor, who took my temperature and said, 'Tonight, you won't be able to performon stage'.

"I asked if there might be some alternative and he told me to turn around.

"I took a needle in my arse this big," he said, and gestured about a foot long.

"I am proud to say I took it in the arse for Scotland."

Very droll.

But hang about a minute - didn't he do pretty much the same routine at his Copenhagen show? Either Williams is awfully unwell, or else he's setting up the whole routine so he can just joke about taking it in the arse.

But it can't be the latter, because Williams is so touchy about those matters he took papers to court for hinting he might enjoy gay sex, didn't he?