Friday, September 01, 2006


In a bid to try and do something about a readership vanishing off into the netherworld of the net, Top of the Pops magazine is launching a digital edition.

For a tenner a year, you'll get sent an electonic version of the magazine - minus, of course, the free pencilcases and badges you find on the newsstand version. They're trying to stress this is a brand extension of the magazine, and not a brand extension of the now-defunct TV programme:

Confusingly, the BBC already has a TOTP website - which was linked to the TV show - on its website, despite the recent demise of the programme after 42 years.

A banner on the site says: "TV show closed ... site staying."

But Mr Gray said his digital venture is completely separate to the existing site, relating not to the TV show but to the TOTP magazine, which is published by BBC Worldwide - the commercial arm of the corporation.

It is up to the public service arm of the corporation whether it keeps the show's TOTP site running, said Mr Gray.

So... that's clear, then, is it?