Monday, October 09, 2006

Maybe not, baby

The adoption (or not adoption, or adoption of an entire country) of a Malawian baby by Madonna continues to excite the papers - The Sun claims that Guy's not happy:

The film director fears his wife may just want the child as a celebrity status symbol — and that she has not considered the potential problems of such a move.

Gosh, do you think?

The paper has also spotted that, far from being a replacement obsession for her culty-Kabbalah fun, it's actually of a piece:

The pop star is intent on introducing Kabbalah – the mystical Jewish religion she worships – to the African country’s people.

Gosh, do you think?

Meanwhile, the Mail on Sunday claimed to have found a children's home in Mphanudla where a team of people arrived, lined up the kids and singled out one, Mpheso Ngulube. The 11 year-old was asked how she'd like to live in a foreign country with a rich lady and be friends with a girl called "Lodess". The kid with nothing was promised the world - "you can be anything you want" - and then... got nothing again.

Liz Rosenburg, by the way, Madonna's mouthpiece has insisted the trip was "private." God help Africa if she ever makes a state visit.