Friday, October 13, 2006

The Nescafe Chart Show rises again

Another part of the Smash Hits empire has gone, with EMAP radio stations quietly dropping their SH-branded chart and returning to the only-other chart that counts, the Hit40UK.

The chart - nee Pepsi and Nescafe Chart - also gets a new presenter in the form of former XFM presenter Lucio, who senses victory over Radio One's JK and Joel:

"I'm fully confident that within just three to six months, the new show that we are putting together will be the most listened to chart show in the country.

"The dismal, bland and cheesy excuse for a chart that Radio 1 broadcast will really be no contest for us."

At the same time, the long-promised Fresh40 urban chart will, erm, move a little closer to launch - although there's not much hurry, it seems.