Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Peaches held

Due to some sort of misunderstanding, Peaches Geldof found herself suspected of shoplifting yesterday - a security guard at Urban Outfitters thought she was trying to leave without paying for a coat, and it took a whole hour to sort it all out.

Of course, the whole thing was terribly embarassing for Peaches - fancy getting spotted in Urban Outfitters, who are so last season.

The trouble is if you come from a family with a reputation for petty crime, this sort of thing sticks. Bob and Paula used to cruise supermarkets, eating the stock as they went round, back when they were poor.

We're sure someone's already pitching Geldof in Guantanamo to ITV, opening with Peaches lookin earnestly into the camera: "I, myself, have been a victim of injustice and held against my will in inhumane conditions..."

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